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While building your own brand and keeping up with evolving, creating visuals can take up much of the time you would rather spend practicing your craft and connecting with your clients. The solution is simple. Find aesthetic one of a kind stock photos and videos to level up your business.

the essential collection

simple and essential photos made for every business with accessories like coffee, smoothies, air pods as well as mobile devices

the interior collection

use the space in the photos to let the interior speak or your own quotes appear while keeping it minimal and clear

the fancy collection

display your way of working with a hint of luxury through high end fashion and beauty brands like Chanel, Dior or Prada

the spiritual collection

if you count on crystals, tarot carts, sage and palo santo in your business life use these photos to show your way of creating


No, you don’t! But if you want to support my work I am always super excited to see @farina.renegade or #renegadestockphoto under your posts.

There are so many opportunities to use these photos! Put them on your website, let them complement your online course or update your Instagram feed. You can add them to your presentations, fill your blog posts or newsletter and make your own out of them.

The exact amount of photos included in the pack is mentioned in the description of each pack. The first 4 packs include 40 photos each. 

Yes you can! If you want the photos in black and white or crop them to fit your needs you are welcome to do so.

No, since it’s a digital product you can not return them after purchase.

No. The photos are for your own use and you are welcome to use them in example work for your clients but if they want to use them for themselves, they have to buy them. 

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